Hindsight Is 2020

We all know Hindsight Is 2020. Here are some thoughts on the past year starting with my January 2020 word of the year and ending in the middle of a crazy pandemic.

kath in 2020 glasses

I don’t think anyone could have predicted all the twists and turns of 2020. Hindsight is 2020 is going to be the buzz phrase of the century.

I look back on my Word of the Year post from last January (it was a good one!) and I clearly remember writing it. I was totally fired up and energized coming out of Birch’s first year and pumped to get back into action. Actually, I think I’m mixing up the feelings with January of 2019 when I came back from maternity leave. It seems a whole year is missing from my brain. Ha. That should tell you something.


I tend to get fired up every January and so I’m sure I was both years. Very fired up and then – BOOM – plans changed.

Mazen splashing in a pool

We all learned a lot this year

There isn’t a person in this country who wasn’t affected by COVID in some shape or form. I think many of us have learned a lot from this experience. We’ve fine tuned what we do and don’t want in life.

I am very very grateful that both Thomas and I were able to continue working. While we both hit some speed bumps in April and May, we were able to do our jobs, unlike so many business owners out there. My heart breaks for those industries most affected.

This year we learned how to entertain our children ALL DAY and how to appreciate the great outdoors. We learned a lot about the racial injustices that continue to plague our world. We learned that women can be Vice President and that this country is even more divided than anyone realized.

We are grateful for our families more than ever.

My 2020

My big project for 2020 was supposed to be a NERD KERF course. That obviously didn’t happen. But 2021 will be the year it does!

A year ago I wrote:

“I also want to have time to work ON the blog as well: cleaning up my site, making posts easier to find, SEO optimizing and upcycling older content. Plus side projects: creating thoughtful emails for my lists, possibly writing an e-book on home organization, mentoring my Beautycounter team.”

All things I accomplished.

My site was redesigned, posts have been updated (although I still have a long ways to go), and I’ve 6x my Pinterest views.

I also improved my email list, wrote a small e-book on salad dressing (although I gave it away), and my Beautycounter team grew by leaps and bounds this year.

A year ago I was stressing about which direction to take this blog.

Do I write for my current readers or readers who I wish to have from Google? Or both? I decided I don’t need my blog to be an empire for traffic. I want it to feel like walking into the cozy home of one of your besties. Since none of us can actually do that right now in person, I hope this space will always feel that way to you online.

Kath and family on a blue sofa

My 2021 word of the year is a good one. And I’ll be sharing it next week!

To Be Continued….

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